Gilbert North  Basketball offers year-round player development services for boys in the 5th through 9th grades.  We work to develop the whole player.  Our goal is to partner with families to produce student-athletes who make their high school basketball teams.  More importantly, they are alumni who are prepared to create and enjoy great experiences throughout their lifetime. 


The four pillars of Gilbert North Basketball are: 


  • Basketball Intelligence
  • GRIT 
  • Skills Development 
  • Character Development 

Our motto is ... Build Skills.  Build Leaders.  Win Games. 

BIQ - Basketball Intelligence Quotient


What we teach: 

  • The team over the individual.
  • A great offense wins games but sound defense wins championships.
  • The foundation of team defense is winning the rebounding game.
  • Pace, space, and movement create great team offense.
  • Know yourself and play to your strengths. 

GRIT - Through Strength and Conditioning. 

What we teach: 

  • Strength and conditioning develop mental and emotional toughness. 
  • Strength and conditioning develop mental and emotional stamina.
  • Strength and conditioning develop better explosion and speed.
  • Strength and conditioning develop better physical stamina. 
  • Strength and conditioning develop a better body. 

SKILLS - Competition and Performance. 


What we teach:   We close the gap between skills training and game effectiveness. 


  • We drill for skills. 
  • We force the use of drilled skills in controlled competition. 
  • We hold our players accountable for executed drilled skills in competitive gameplay. 

C + C = CHIPS 


What we teach:  A team is only as strong as their weakest link.

  • Respect the game of basketball. 
  • Be accountable.
  • Be consistent on and off the court. 
  • Give your best effort every day, every practice and every play. 


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