Gilbert North Basketball's approaches the development of basketball skill in a very specific manner.  We build from the feet up and train for speed and explosiveness.  With an emphsis on developing offensive skills our athletes build the skills necessary to attack the basket in both transitiion and within a half court offense.


Athletic performance for basketball is all about the movement of the athlete and the ability to manipulate the basketball.  Gilbert North Basketball trains players towards the mastery of these two skill sets as thefoundation to their game.  We follow a simple off season, pre-season and in season training cycle to assure continued and sustained development.  

Skills Sessions


Gilbert North Basketball currently offers two different skills training modules, one focused on shooting (Shooting Sessions)  and another focused on the footwork and ball handling neccessary to create your own shot or get to the basket (Skills Sessions).


Shooting Sessions: 


We teach proven and time tested techniques of shooting and then help each student-athlete adapt these techniques to their personal form. 


Our objective is to provide the right adjustments for our student-athletes to focus on to improve their shooting percentages. 


Back to the Basics:


Gilbert North Basketball assist players in establishing a strong foundation of fundamental skills and basketball IQ.  We will help your student-athlete improve their: 

  • Foot Work
  • Passing, Catching and Dribbling
  • Lay Ups and Attacking the Basket
  • Shooting



Excel Sports Gilbert North Club Basketball

Shooting Skills Sessions

Teaching proven techniques, using proven tools and getting hundreds of shots up!

Personalized Skills Training 

A focus on the fundamental skills on footwork, pasing and catching, dribbling and shooting.


Individual and Small Groups

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