Shooting Sessions

A Gilbert North's Shooting Skills Sessions are combonation of teaching and shooting several hundred, intenful and purposeful shots to ingrain better shooter habits.  We teach proven and time tested techniques of shooting and then help each student-athlete adapt these techniques to their personal form. 


Our objective is to provide the right adjustments for our student-athletes to focus on to improve their shooting percentages. 



The ability for every player on the court to shoot the basketball, regardless of size and position, has become an important part of the game of basketball.  The three pointer is now an establish part of the game and a strategy and tactic for many teams.  Gilbert North Basketball uses various tools to "stress" our athletes systems to drive greater focus on proper tecniques.  One of our favorite training tools are our U-Hoops.  U-Hoops "You and the Hoop" are regulation height with rims that are 3 inches smaller in diameter and have no backboard.  This challenge develops greater focus, arch and shooting touch. 


For More information you can contact Coach Mark at or text Coach Mark at (480) 268 - 3197

Spring Shooting Classes Dates

Classes are on Monday's and Tuesday's evenings from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM during the months of April and May.  Class is appropriate for 5th grade and older. 


Class Size:  8 Max 



12 - 14 Classes                       $196.00 (30%) 

  9 - 11 Classes                       $176.00 (20%) 

  8 - 7   Classes                       $144.00 (10%)

Per Class                                 $  20.00  Please text to confirm availability 


Classes are located:  

American Leadership Academy - Gilber North 

Elementary School 

1070 S. Higley Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85296



Monday, April 1

Tuesday, April 2


Monday, April 8

Tuesday, April 9


Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 19


Monday, April 22

Tuesday, April 23


Monday, May 6

Tuesday, May 7


Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14


Monday, May 20

Tuesday, May 21


For More information you can contact Coach Mark at or text Coach Mark at (480) 268 - 3197

Excel Sports Gilbert North Club Basketball

Shooting Skills Sessions

Teaching proven techniques, using proven tools and getting hundreds of shots up!

Personalized Skills Training 

A focus on the fundamental skills on footwork, pasing and catching, dribbling and shooting.


Individual and Small Groups

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